The excellent work out for babies: TUMMY TIME

TUMMY TIME promotes normal shaping of the back the head, thereby reduces the risk of deformational plagiocephaly, it also helps in many other ways:

Physical benefits

Normal musculoskeletal development. Being in prone provides baby opportunity to work out the upper body muscles thereby develops balance of flexion and extension needed for normal musculoskeletal development.

Learning and discovery. Looking around from a new perspective encourages baby learning and discovery of the world.

Self-exploration. Being in prone baby is exposed to a lot of tactile sensory input to the face, mouth and other body parts thus stimulate learning and self-exploration.

Crawling. Tummy time also encourages baby to practice reaching and pivoting, skills that are the precursor for crawling.

tummy time helps crawling learning

Psychological effects

Self confidence

. When baby learns to make his body do new things, he feels a sense of accomplishment and gains more confidence to try new skills as he grows and his coordination improves.

provide tummy time to prevent plagiocaphaly
Tummy Time to play: minimum 30 minutes a day but the more the better